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About the Firm


Practice Areas

  • General Civil Litigation
  • Family Law - Divorce, Child Custody, Modifications to and Enforcement of existing court orders for Child Support and/or Possession and Access, Prenuptial Agreements and Partition and Exchange Agreements, enforcement of post-divorce Property Division, Grandparents Rights, defense of same
  • Business Law - Business formation, operating agreements,  partnership agreements,  and other contract drafting, general commercial litigation, including but not limited to, the business as a consumer (see Consumer Protection Law, below), commercial collections, breach of contract, breach of warranty, tortious interference with a contract, business disparagement, fraudulent inducement, breach of fiduciary duty, theft of trade secrets, violation of non-compete agreements, defense of same
  • Personal Injury Law -  Wrongful Death, car wrecks, and premises liability
  • Consumer Protection Law -  Violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act along with tie-in statutes thereto, particularly first party insurance claims, coverage disputes, prompt payment of claims, and other violations of the Texas Insurance Code, breach of express and/or implied warranties including warranty of workmanlike product, workmanlike performance, and fitness for a particular purpose (see Business Law above)
  • Probate - Drafting Wills and Trusts, Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, initiating or responding to proceedings in probate court

Our Approach

The BeMent Law Firm believes the practice of law is a service business. As such, it  requires frank discussion between  lawyers and clients where reasonable expectations are clearly defined and agreed, risks are properly identified and managed, and obligations are acknowledged and appropriately met. 

As a litigation oriented practice, we evaluate each potential new client and matter with two very basic criteria:

1.  Can the Firm provide legal work that materially advances the ball for the client in a measurable way?

2.  Does it make financial sense for the client and the Firm to pursue it?

The above two questions sound simple enough, but each involves a host of additional questions and considerations, too long to adequately address here, that should be worked through on an initial phone call or in-person meeting.  We believe finding a good fit has value in its own right, and will not hesitate to decline or refer to other attorneys those matters which, in our estimation, are likely to be a better fit elsewhere. 

As for the cases we take, we settle them, we  try them, or, under the right circumstances,  we  do a little of both by narrowing the issues to present to the judge or jury.